Lake Lure

Remember all of those little adventures I was talking about? Well, we’ve been trying to go somewhere new at least once a month. So a few weeks ago we decided to venture out to Lake Lure.


The cute little town attached to it is also called Lake Lure. We had been wanting to check it out simply because it is a body of water that’s close by, but when Nathan finally acquired enough supplies to go fishing we decided it was time. (For those of you who we haven’t complained to about the moving company we hired, Nathan’s entire tackle box collection was ‘lost’… and if you know Nathan, this was a big loss.)

Nathan fished while Juniper and I wandered. Well, she napped and I wandered.

DSCF1512     DSCF1519



And if any of you were worried, he didn’t get skunked

DSCF1530  DSCF1531

It was such a beautiful day. We wished we could stay the whole weekend. For the future, if any of you are looking for us check here first.


We sat down for some snacks and watched the pontoon boats come in and out of the docking area. After a while, Little J decided to join the party.

     DSCF1556   DSCF1550


        DSCF1566    DSCF1565


We eventually made our way back to the car taking in every last bit of scenery. The mountains here are spectacular and the amount of green is outrageous.



We ventured towards the town center to see what we could find. After parking, we wandered around the water a bit and found a place where we could eat burgers overlooking the Broad River. The town color was kind and welcoming. We could tell they get a lot of visitors during the summer months.


DSCF1608  DSCF1607

After lunch, we made one more stop into the general store. I have a thing for places like this. I love the mix between all of the gifty items and practical things you may need while adventuring in Lake Lure. You never know when that Corn Huskers Lotion is going to come in handy! And it was called Bubba’s General Store. How could we not?

DSCF1613 DSCF1614





I could have spent hours in here, but alas, it was time to head home. Until next time, Lake Lure. Who wants to vacation on the lake with us? We can re-inact the “lift scene” from Dirty Dancing. After all, it was filmed here.


2 thoughts on “Lake Lure

  1. Oh my Gosh! Thank you for sharing…the photos brought me to tears, partly because it looks like you all are finally settled in and enjoying the spectacular countryside…and partly because it is so good to see you all doing things that make you happy (fishing, wandering around the lake and the general store!)…and partly because I am missing you all terribly! Love the blog, keep ’em coming!


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