what happened?

Yesterday Little J hit the six month mark of life. And I ask you, what happened? This has been the fastest, yet slowest six months of my life. The concept of time, for me, just sits on the edge of reality and I find I can never fully get a hold of it. There are so many things that influence how quickly or slowly it feels like it’s going by, but the whole time the clock is steadily ticking as it always was. I could talk about the concept of time for a week, especially with my mother (Hey Ma, can we re-instate the clock wall, please?), but I assure you this post will not go on about the ramblings of time. Instead, we celebrate the half-birthday of our daughter. She has learned and changed so much thus far and Nathan and I couldn’t be prouder parents. We love to celebrate the silly things like ‘Baby’s first smelly fart, rivaling the dog, awwwww’ and ‘Honey, look!! Baby’s first hang-nail!’, and we are constantly amazed at the rate at which she learns new tricks along with her determination to perfect them. Right now our favorite is the raspberries she’s gives us on our shoulders while holding her. And her laugh, like the first gift on Christmas with a big red bow. Nathan and I often talk about how biased we are (or are we?) in having the cutest baby. And then we check ourselves and remind each other that all parents feel the same way. We are so bonded to this little human being, after knowing her for only six months. I guess we did say I love you on the first date…

I realize I owe you all some photos. In celebration of JP, here are some highlights of her journey, even some from before she was born.

DSCF1111  IMG_4190

IMG_4234   IMG_4387



Screen Shot 2015-07-17 at 10.18.16 AM IMG_4970

IMG_5230 IMG_5273


IMG_5513 IMG_5512

IMG_5514 IMG_5515



3 thoughts on “what happened?

  1. Julia,she is precious!
    The beauty sure runs in the family.
    We are so happy things are going well with Juniper Pearl!
    We enjoyed reading about her and can so relate to time going by and not being able to hold on to it.Melayah is 11 now,soon a (teenager!) I have never in my life felt like time passing by so fast.I now understand more than ever why everyone around me kept telling me to enjoy the moments of your child ‘s early years.
    Looks to me that you and Nathan know what it’s all about,keep enjoying 🙂
    Love,Sylvie,Nick and Melayah


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