California Tornado

No, there wasn’t a real tornado in California. But it sure felt like Nathan, Little J, and I were inside of one from the second we hit the ground in San Francisco up until we stepped back through our front door in Asheville. What a trip! We were constantly reminded of the love and support we have been graced with through all of the friends and family that showed up to see us. We are so, so fortunate. So, thank you for the reminder. I don’t think we could be doing what we are doing without that love and support.

I just wanted to share some favorite photos from our trip. I wasn’t the best at remembering the camera everywhere we went, so there are very few.  The time was better spent visiting with you fine folks anyway.

IMG_5604  IMG_5667


A major highlight of the trip, for me, was the chance to see my parents new balloon in action. Her name is Morning Glory. It was an opportunity to share some of my favorite childhood memories with our daughter.  This particular morning turned out to be one of those serendipitous occasions of unplanned spectacularity. We drank coffee from our favorite coffee shop, watched the sunrise, followed along for the flight and ended with a delicious brunch. I did have the camera ready for this!

DSCF1628                                                                       DSCF1629

  DSCF1633     DSCF1632





DSCF1659    DSCF1664    DSCF1652    DSCF1650



Until next time, Sonoma. We will always love you.


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